bachelor till the rapture

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Here’s a term that needs no introduction among guys who are frustrated with their singleness.

bachelor till the raptureWith a little imagination, you might think of the expressions bachelor till the rapture and gift of singleness as some of the reversible sweatshirts of the Christianese lexicon. Both phrases can be used right-side-out to express a profound and genuinely joy-filled confidence in one’s God-given sexual purity. And, with a flick of the wrist, these terms can be turned inside-out and used as bitingly cynical complaints about how long God takes before he pairs men up with their future Proverbs 31 women and smoking hot wives.

If you sometimes use this term with a heavy heart, check out Chris Smith’s meditation on Christian singleness (with some discussion of the term bachelor till the rapture) that he posted on Valentine’s Day 2013.


bachelor till the rapture n. Also bachelor ’til the rapture. [bachelor half-rhymes with rapture] Sometimes abbreviated BTR. A Christian man who thinks he is unlikely to ever marry or who plans to remain celibate. The term is often used ironically or humorously.
See also *gift of singleness; *Rapture.
1978 Tomczak Let’s Talk About Sex: A Straightforward Guide for Today’s Generation 98 : “Will I ever be married?” It’s a two-part query. “What is God’s will for my life now?” and then “Do I want God’s will?” [Some might say:] “But I have to hurry. I might become an old prune!” or “Me, a bachelor til the rapture!” 1984 Harvey My Cope Runneth Over 184 : Joe, who says not to count on him to help increase the family numbers, insists he’ll remain a bachelor till the Rapture. 1989 Kirby Dating: Guidelines from the Bible 137 : l have met many enthusiastic young Christians who once vowed that they would never marry but would remain a “celibate for Christ” or a “bachelor till the rapture!” 1995 Charisma and Christian Life XX. iss. 6–11 43 : “I’m single for a reason,” Johnson says. “God called me to serve as an example.” Johnson hasn’t taken a “bachelor ’til the rapture” vow. But he wants to demonstrate to thousands of young Christians that hormones don’t have to control their lives. 2004 (13 Apr.) : This brings back bad memories of the years when I was single…. I was one of those BTR’s (bachelor till the rapture). 2005 Morley Becoming a Woman of Spiritual Passion: Overcoming Challenges to Your Relationship with God 77 : I really didn’t know where this “bachelor till the rapture” stood anyway. He never told me that he loved me—that was reserved for whomever he would marry—if he was ever to marry. 2008 McCulley at “True Woman ’08” conference (Chicago, IL) (9–11 Oct.) : I know so many men who made these big proclamations, “I’m going to be a bachelor till the Rapture. I’m going to pursue God in my singleness,” and they’re married like six months later. 2011 (30 Apr.) : I declared to the youth group and my accountability partners that I was going to be a “bachelor till the rapture!” 2011 (18 Nov.) : At that point I was “bachelor till the rapture” and wanted nothing to do with romantic relationships. Strictly friendship. But the Lord had different plans. 2013 (7 Jan.) : My heart in all of this is not to state that I am a militant single person—a “bachelor till the rapture” so to speak. However, I do want to simple state that life can and is lived well as a single adult. 2013 Smith at (14 Feb.) : When you feel the urge to make that cynical “bachelor till the rapture” joke, fight it. Fight the bitterness, the loneliness, perhaps even the despair. Fight for joy in the Savior. 2013 (11 Apr.) : “Has God called you to be celibate? You seem like a ‘Paul’ to me. How do you know when He calls you to be single?” … “First off, I’ll take that as a compliment, so thank you. I use to joke that I’m a bachelor till the rapture. But no, I don’t feel called to celibacy.”
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