Godincidence, God-instance, God wink

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Sometimes the coolest blessings are the ones you don’t even pray for. Do you keep track of the Godincidences (or God-instances) and God winks that happen to you?

definition of Godincidence, God winkGodincidences and God winks are names that Christians attach to those times when something good happens and it seems improbable that it was merely random coincidence.

The classic example is for a friend or relative to keep popping into your mind, so you give them a call and it turns out that they really needed to talk with you. Another example would be when money is needed to cover some expense, and money shows up unexpectedly for the exact amount required. Such Godincidences are miracles so small that it’s tempting to think that no miracle really happened at all.

God winks are similar. Those are when something good or special happens, and it feels like God caused it to happen just for that person. For example, suppose you’re feeling kind of low one day, and you turn on the radio and your favorite song is just starting to play. Or what if you meet someone new and it turns out you have a ton of things in common. God is in control of the entire universe, right? So these happy outcomes must be a small way he’s letting you know that he’s with you and thinking about you.

I’ve had these inexplicable blessings happen in my life too. Probably the most common kind has to do with finding verses in my Bible. I’ll think of a Bible verse, and when I open up my Bible, I will “happen” to open it directly to the page containing the verse. Should I chalk that up to random happenstance? Should I take personal credit for being so talented at sword drills? Usually, I conclude that God made his presence known in a small but helpful way by guiding me directly to the page I was looking for.

What are some Godincidences and God winks that have happened to you?


God-incidence n. [Pun on coincidence] Also Godincidence; *God-instance. A happy coincidence or outcome that is alleged to have been caused by God.
Credit for coining the term has been attributed to Louise Eggleston (see 1992 citation). Eggleston was an associate of the author of the earliest citation (see 1969 citation).
The term is preferred by some Christians instead of coincidence to describe what appear to be happy accidents in order to avoid referring to chance, fate, or luck.
See also *divine appointment; *God thing; *God wink; *touch from heaven.
1969 White Healing Adventure 68 : Through a fantastic series of “God-incidences” (not “coincidences”), in a few hours I was able to go to pray with her…. I was then leading in place of Louise Eggleston whose healing ministry took her to many parts of the country. 1974 Gunstone Greater Things Than These 12 : I might have called them “coincidences” once. Now I would call them “God-incidences.” Looking back, I see how the Lord seized on my curiosity and used it. 1975 “Prayer Causes God-Incidences to Happen!” The Bryan Times (Bryan, OH) (28 Mar.) 5 : The longer I live, the more clearly I realize that so many circumstances in my past life—which I considered only coincidences at the time—were actually GOD-incidences! 1975 White Healing Devotions 110 : miracles—what we used to call “coincidences,” we now call “God-incidences.” A woman’s car refused to start, the battery appearing to be dead. She prayed and pressed the starter, but to no avail. Later she felt clear guidance to try again—and this time it started! 1979 Copley News Service The Press-Courier (Oxnard, CA) (23 Jun.) 4 : People tell Margaret Cole that she lives by coincidences. “I tell them I live by God’s incidences,” the 72-year-old says. 1987 Reagan Trusting God: Learning to Walk by Faith 54 : The miracle was one of timing. The rain stopped and started in sequence with the prayers. The world calls it “coincidence.” I call it “God-incidence.” 1988 The Spokesman-Review (Spokane, WA) (10 Oct.) B1 : She talks about “god-incidences” in her life, fortunate coincidences that she believes happen because of a power greater than her own. 1992 Eisenberg It’s Me, O Lord 104 : Louise Eggleston coined the phrase “God incidences,” as far as we know—instead of “coincidences.” 1995 Cain, Russell Blessed Are the Caregivers 000 : He has truly been an inspiration to me and my family. The fact that our paths crossed wasn’t by coincidence, but rather, as Bob often says, a God incidence. 2001 Rose 7 Steps from Your Dreams to Your Destiny xxiv : It’s not by coincidence that you are holding this book, but by God-incidence! It contains a message just for you. 2002 Bergstrom I Know This Is What I’m Supposed to Do 9 : An acquaintance asked about our Memorial Day. I told her about our failure to attend the service but the coincidence of seeing one of David’s friends. She immediately responded, “That wasn’t a coincidence, it was a ‘God-incidence.’” 2005 Hughes The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success 59 : We refer to them as coincidences, but when you look carefully at them in the light of providence, they often turn out to be God-incidences. A telephone call at the right moment. A letter that lifts your spirit. An unexpected gift. At first you may not recognize these as coming from God, but he is at work in ways beyond our understanding. 2010 Sweet Nudge: Awakening Each Other to the God Who’s Already There 98 : Call them “coincidences,” “chance encounters,” “God-incidences,” or, my favorite, “godwinks,” randomness is a reflection of the fact that spiritual forces move mysteriously.
there are no coincidences, only Godincidences A slogan intended to affirm the belief that it is always possible to discover meaning and purpose in one’s circumstances.
2000 Reagan Living for Christ in the End Times 85 : With a sovereign God, there are no coincidences; there are only God-incidences. 2003 Ford The Joshua Generation 72 : In our house we have adopted the saying of a pastor whom none of us can remember the name of, who said, “There are no such things as coincidences; there are only God incidences.” 2007 Harding Blue Star: The True Story of One Man’s Spiritual Awakening i : This book proves that there are no such things as “Co”-Incidences just “God”-Incidences! 2009 Lauber Chosen Faith, Chosen Land: The Untold Story of America’s 21st Century Shakers 11 : I’ll never forget what Sister Frances said next: “There are no coincidences in life, dear, only God-incidences.” She wasn’t making small talk. She said it as though it was a fact. 2012 Lucas Heaven Help Helen Sloane 136 : There are no coincidences, she says, just God-incidences. Everything therefore means something.
God-instance n. [Pun on coincidence] Syn *God-incidence.
1990 Thomson Loving Medicine 154 : Her vicar said to her, “They’re not coincidences, they’re God instances.” It is remarkable how many people who come to Bristol report this same phenomenon of synchronicity. 2008 Clift Two Weeks of Life: A Memoir of Love, Death, and Politics 112 : So many things fell into place that they took to calling these coincidences “God-Instances.” 2009 O’Shea Note to Self 56 : My mother often says, “There are no coincidences, only God-instances,” and while I think that that execution is a little cheesy, I grasp the concept. 2010 Lyons Ask, Seek, Knock 145 : We arrived at Express-Care at about 8:00 p.m. Coincidentally, or was it a “God-Instance,” Elanyne’s doctor, Dr. John F. Collins, was on duty. 2012 Louise I’m Not Bipolar: I’m Just a Fruitcake with a Dream 135 : It is a God-instance. I have a great example that most people would write off, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my Sovereign God performed a miraculous work.
God wink n. Also God’s wink. A happy coincidence or sign interpreted as an assurance from God of his benevolent involvement in one’s affairs.
1950 Hume Doctors Courageous 9 : In the reverent familiarity of faith, he set himself “to seek for the wink of Providence.” Seeing God’s wink, he declined the Society’s suggestion that he go to the Pacific with a band of new missionaries, and decided to go as leader of a group of four to the oppressed races of Africa. 1988 Starcke Homesick for Heaven 243 : Miracles are God’s winks. With a smile on God’s face, He winks at us to let us know it is all a divine game. 1991 Muto Womanspirit: Reclaiming the Deep Feminine in Our Human Spirituality 51 : It reminds me that our best laid plans invariably go astray. While we cannot always detect God’s wink in the middle of the show, we can be sure there is more going on than meets the eye. 1994 Parini John Steinbeck: A Biography 26 : But it [=the earthquake] wasn’t anything like in San Francisco. We didn’t really have much in the way of fire damage or actual deaths. I don’t suppose a soul was hurt. Salinas was lucky, but all the preachers in the town accepted this as God’s wink in their favour. 2001 Rushnell When God Winks: How the Power of Coincidence Guides Your Life vii : God wink: A personal signal or message, directly from a higher power, usually but not always in the form of a coincidence. 2005 Hawkins Love Lost: Living Beyond a Broken Marriage 254 : Finally, watch for the God winks. Something quite amazing happens when we are on the lookout for those little reflections of God’s grace in our lives. Why? Because they happen all the time, and we need to become more alert to them. 2006 Rushnell beliefnet.com (25 Oct.) : Every time you receive what some call a coincidence or an answered prayer, it’s a direct and personal message of reassurance from God to you—what I call a godwink. 2011 McAlexander Prison: The Key to Stay Free 72 : God winks are similarities, coincidences, little things that make you feel like there is a God sanctioned inducement to be together. We both owned white, Ford F-150s, our mothers have the same first names (Doris)…. The list goes on and on. But you get the picture. 2012 Cappiello Living with Lung Cancer 166 : You might call this a happy coincidence, but in our group we call it a God Wink. I am writing about “God Winks” this week because there has been a cornucopia of coincidences in my life in recent days.
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