Jesus year

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Your Jesus year is when you’re 33. Your Elvis year is when you’re 42. Got it? Good. Read on…

There are always those funny sayings in the Christian church that border on superstitions. One of my favorites is when someone says something that might or might not be slightly heretical and the people next to you look up into the sky while muttering something about “waiting for lightning to strike you down.”

But way less electrifying than that is the term Jesus year. By longstanding Christian tradition, Jesus was 33 years old when he died and rose from the dead. (If you’re not sure where the 33 comes from, see the definition below for a full calculation.) (UPDATE 4/20/2018: The “33 years old” tradition might be off by a year or two.)

So now in modern times people have started referring to the year you’re 33 years old as your “Jesus year.” According to this idea, during your 33rd year, you will undergo a figurative “death, burial, and resurrection.”

Interesting, no?

If you’ve had your Jesus year, how was it?


Jesus year n. The 33rd year of someone’s life; the yearlong period while that person is 33 years old. Some Christians regard a person’s 33rd year as having special significance (see 2010 citation) because Jesus was 33 when he died, rose from the dead, and ascended into heaven.
Jesus’s age of 33 is calculated as follows: Luke 3:23 says Jesus was 30 when he began his public ministry, and John refers to three different Passover feasts during Jesus’s ministry (see John 2:23; 6:4; 11:55). And so, 30 + 3 = 33.
1996 Descant iss. 92–95 69 : Aleksandar Vukovic, the pilot, was killed at thirty-three, in his “Jesus year.” 2006 Trethewey Native Guard 36 : When I turned 33 my father said, “It’s your Jesus year—you’re the same age he was when he died.” 2010 Berman No Place Like Home 168 : Jane, an Irish lighting designer with a birthday close to mine, explains that it’s my “Jesus year” and thus everything is meant to fall apart so that I can wander the desert, find my true calling, and be crucified and resurrected. 2010 Davis, Murphy Making Poems: Forty Poems With Commentary by the Poets 152 : Later I was fixated on my Jesus year, my thirty-third year.
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