List of Words (A–Z)

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Here are all the words currently defined on Click on any term below to be taken to the definition. (These words are also available grouped according to subject.) Terms marked with the § symbol have an audio podcast available.

10/40 Window, 40/70 Window, 4/14 Window

7-11 song


Acts 29

agape; I agape you

Alka-Seltzer Christian


arrow prayer

awomen corner

baby Christian

Baby Jesus (don’t make the Baby Jesus cry)

bachelor till the rapture

back-door evangelism

beach evangelism

Bedside Baptist

BHAP (big, hairy, audacious prayer)

Bible belt

Billy Graham rule

you are the only Bible that someone might read

§ blended denominations (e.g., bapticostal, fundagelical, presbycatholic, etc.)


buckle of the Bible belt

bumper-sticker theology

buzzard Baptist (and buzzard Christian)

cafeteria Christian

calminian, armalvinist

carnal Christianity

carpet time

Catholic light (Catholic lite)

charismania, charismaniac, charisma-tick

cheap grace

check in one’s spirit

chreaster, Christmas and Easter Christian


Christian lite, Christianity lite

Christian mutt

clap for Jesus

clobber passage, clobber text

contemporary Christian music (CCM)

covet prayers

cradle Christian, cradle Episcopalian, cradle Presbyterian

creation care

denominational mutt

dial-a-prayer, dial-a-devotion, dial-a-sermon

diet Christian, diet Christianity

divine appointment

don’t drink, smoke, or chew, or go with girls who do

doubled eggs

drive-by evangelism

EGR (extra grace required)


evangelastic, evangelastically

evangelical pope, evangelical vatican

evanjellyfish, evanjellybean, evanjelly goo


Facebook fast (media fast, digital fast, electronic fast)

farewell, farewelling, farewelled

fall festival (and other Halloween nicknames)

fire insurance

flash prayer

Fleshalonians (Second Fleshalonians, 2nd Fleshalonians)

front-door evangelism

frozen chosen


gentleman: God is a gentleman; the Holy Spirit is a gentleman

gift of singleness

God comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable



God is my co-pilot

God-is-my-girlfriend song

God of second chances

God said it, I believe it, that settles it

graveyard of missionaries

handclap of praise

happy clappy

happy Eliza

hedge of protection

Hesitations (Second Hesitations, 2nd Hesitations)

hit-and-run evangelism

hit the sawdust trail

hole in the Bible belt

holy hardware

hot wife

hug from God (i.e., the orans posture)

Jehovah Sneaky

Jerusalem Slim

Jesus count

Jesus junk


Jesus-is-my-girlfriend song

Jesus year

kairos moment, kairos time

keep Christ in Christmas


koinonia, koinonia group, koinonitis

leave room for the Holy Spirit

lie from the pit of hell

life verse


love on

majority world

matthew-18, matthew-eighteen


methobapterian, pentebaptist, baptimethocostal

ministerially speaking


missionary dating

missionary kid (MK)

myth of redemptive violence


name it and claim it


Newly Incorrect Version (and other Bible nicknames)

nickels and noses

no Bible, no breakfast

pew potato

popcorn prayer

pot blessing (and other potluck nicknames)

power evangelism

prayed up

prayer breakfast

§ prayer walk, prayer walking

prayer warrior

pre-Christian (noun)

Prego Christian

Protestant pope, Protestant vatican

Proverbs 31 woman

purpling, making purple

put out a fleece

redeem the time

red-letter Christian

relationship, not religion

resistant belt

rice Christian


Saturday-night special, Saturday-night syndrome

sawdust trail

I see that hand

seeker-sensitive, seeker-friendly, seeker-driven, seeker-oriented

servant evangelism

side-door evangelism

§ sinners anonymous

sinner’s prayer


sloppy agape

smoking hot wife

soul ties (break soul ties)

spiritual birthday

stained-glass barrier; stained-glass vocabulary; stained-glass ceiling

St. Arbucks

St. Mattress

Sunday-school answer

swim the Tiber, swim the Bosphorus, walk the Canterbury Trail

sword drill


Third Wave (of the Holy Spirit)

Titus 2 woman

tooth angel


traveling mercies

§ TULIP, five-point Calvinists, four-pointers (etc.)

Two-Thirds World, Three-Fourths World

unclaimed blessing

an unspoken; (plural: unspokens)



Willowback, Saddlecreek

with every head bowed and every eye closed

witness wear


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