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The Dictionary of Christianese website was started by Tim Stewart in 2011 as a way for him to share his ongoing research into the meaning and history of “Christianese” words, which are the everyday slang words and idiomatic expressions that Christians use when they talk with each other.

Here are some quick statistics about the website:

  • The Dictionary of Christianese website receives 10,000 unique visitors per month.
  • The average visitor spends 2 minutes on the website and reads 2 different web pages.
  • Most visitors reach the Dictionary of Christianese because they used Google to search for a Christianese word or phrase.
  • The Dictionary of Christianese is the top Google search result for most of the Christianese terms on the website.
  • More than 200 Christianese words and expressions are defined on the website. Each definition features quotations from books, magazines, and the Internet in order to show how Christians actually use each word.

The person behind the Dictionary of Christianese website, Tim Stewart, is currently working on two print books about Christianese. The first is a dictionary of blended religious terms people use (website, blog) and Bible backronyms that Christians use, and the second is a dictionary of all the evangelism terms that Christians use.

More information about the Dictionary of Christianese project is available at the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Tim’s contact information is available here.

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