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Like any other community, the Christian church has its fair share of geeks and dorks. Learn about two such beloved personalities: Methodorks and theologeeks.

definition of Methodork, theologeek(Thanks to Cary-Anne Olsen and Jarell Wilson for letting me know about “Methodork.”)

Some Christians seem to be as loyal to their own specific denomination as they are to Jesus. For example, you have this common saying among Baptists: “I’m Baptist born and Baptist bred, and when I die I’ll be Baptist dead.” Methodists have a Christianese word that describes a similar, though less intense, denominational loyalty: Methodork. A Methodork is a Methodist who is a “dork” (or someone who is obsessive in a silly way) when it comes to any matters having to do with the United Methodist Church’s denominational business. So when there’s an annual conference, or when the United Methodist Church Book of Discipline gets updated every four years, you can bet that all the Methodorks will be lining up for the first look so they can chatter among themselves about what it will all mean for the denomination.

And then on another section of the geek-nerd-dork spectrum there are theologeeks. Theologeeks can be from any denomination. These are the folks who debate whether there will be a pre-tribulation rapture, mid-tribulation rapture, or post-tribulation rapture. They routinely use words like supralapsarian and penal substitutionary atonement. They can talk your ear off about the significance of TULIP and the mechanisms of prevenient grace. For them, the minutiae of theology aren’t stumbling blocks that that get in the way of their faith… for theologeeks these fine details of God’s big plan are the very stepping stones that enable these geeks to connect with their faith in a highly cerebral way.

Do you know any other Christianese expressions for interesting people in the church?


Methodork n. [Methodist + dork ‘a person whose obsessive interest in something is both awkward and endearing’] Methodist A Methodist who is deeply interested in the activities and workings of the United Methodist denomination.
See also *theologeek.
2008 (14 Jun.) : This summer, I will have been to Conference as a voting delegate every year since I was 12, so this makes my 7th year straight. I think that puts me in the running for “Methodork.” 2010 (19 Sep.) : Since then I have gone through confirmation in the UMC [=United Methodist Church] with my little brother, I have been to Glen Lake Camp, read sermons and journals by John Wesley, joined the Student Leadership Team, perfected my Cross-and-Flame doodle, been church creeping, preached in the church, addressed the Annual Conference, became a certified lay speaker, seen the movie Wesley, been called a “Methodork,” been adopted by my Preacher Mama Sarah Miller, become best friends with kids that Grace and Love just drip off of everywhere they go and in the end I finally realized my call into the Methodist ministry. 2012 (7 Jun.) : Youth are rocking awesome in general, but when you’re at an Annual Conference, the youth you meet aren’t your typical Methodist Youth. They refer to themselves as the “Methodorks.” At least some of them do. These are the highly motivated, total nerds for the UMC. 2012 (8 Jun.) : I have no idea why, but I am one of the biggest nerds when it comes to being a United Methodist, I believe the term for it is being a “Methodork.” 2012 (29 Oct.) : Warning: to non-methodists and the Methodists who care little about polity and structure of the UMC, this blog post will be exceptionally boring. Go read something else or watch something funny on youtube. All Methodorks or Methodork wannabees, please read on.
theologeek n. [theology + geek ‘a person with an intense interest in something’] A Christian who is overly preoccupied with the minutiae of theology.
See also *biblioblog; *Methodork.
2007 (4 Aug.) : I’m not sure whether I came up with the term theologeeks, or my wife called me one first, but we’re not the only ones to use the phrase…. There are actually lots of theologeeks out there, people who can’t wait for the newest N.T. Wright book, or have a signed copy of Hauerwas and Willimon’s Resident Aliens sitting prominently on their bookshelf. 2008 (14 Feb.) : Is there a support group for people who theologeeks who have a major man-crush on TK [=Tim Keller]? If so, I’m not planning to join, because a man-crush on TK is not something of which I want to let go. 2012 Tripp Dangerous Calling: Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry 44 : My rather pejorative term for them was theologeeks, the guys who see theology as an end in itself rather than as a means to an end. They love the academy and would unwittingly drag the academy into the local church and preach sermons that are more theological lectures than gospel meditations. 2013 (May) : For those who don’t know me, my interests include theology (guess you could call me a “theologeek”), history, the Irish language, football, tennis and music. Ask me about any of the above, but if I get too excited talking about them, just advise me, as they say in Cork, to “ration the passion.”
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