calminian, armalvinist

(Reading Time: 31 minutes)

Calvinists and Arminians have been playing tug-of-war for centuries. Well, I have found some folks who are trying to walk the tightrope between the two sides. Do you know about calvarminians and armalvinists? They believe in calminianism and arminocalvinism.

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(Reading Time: 3 minutes)

When you share your testimony and you end up talking about yourself more than about God, it’s called a “bragimony.”

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clobber passage, clobber text, Big Eight

(Reading Time: 5 minutes)

Where there is church controversy, you will usually find some Christianese thrown into the mix. In some parts of the church these days, there is debate and conversation about what the Bible says about homosexuality. Below are definitions for three Christianese terms that are commonly used in that ongoing debate.

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love on

(Reading Time: 6 minutes)

“Loving on” someone. It’s one of the top Christianese expressions that people love to “hate on.”

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