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Christians have been praying while on the move since Jesus times. But the term itself “prayer-walking” is of more recent origin—no more than 100 years old or so.

definition of prayer walk, prayerwalking(Listen to Tim read the blog post and definition!) Prayer-walking was one of the first terms of Christianese that came on my radar when I started studying the subject in 2005. I heard people talk about going on prayer walks and doing prayer-walking on the weekends, and my first thought was: “You know that nobody outside the church has ever heard of this term, right?” It’s a classic example of Christianese, even though it seems to describe an activity as common and mundane as saying prayers while you walk.

There are actually two VERY different meanings for the noun prayer walk and its associated verb to prayer-walk. The older meaning, dating back to the late 1800s, is just to peacefully walk through a quiet location like a beach or park while saying your prayers. It’s a personal, contemplative activity that lets you unwind and reconnect with your Creator. Some people’s idea of unwinding is a little more energetic, and so there is also the term prayer-hiking for those times when you want to commune with God while scrabbling up the side of a mountain! For some people that might count as relaxing—but not for me. My idea of communing peacefully with God has more to do with an early-morning cup of coffee and a big comfy armchair.

The second definition of prayer-walking is much more recent. It comes from the mid to late 1980s or so and it refers to doing a special kind of prayer that is sometimes called “spiritual warfare.” Spiritual warfare is about using prayer to fight evil spirits, and this kind of “prayer walking” isn’t about peace and contemplation in the natural outdoors. Not even close! This kind of prayer is about walking around an area such as a neighborhood or business district and praying for God to evict all the demons in the vicinity! This kind of prayer-walking is not exactly something you do to relax—it’s more or less about going to war against the invisible forces of evil in your community!

So bear in mind that when you ask someone to go on a prayer walk, you should clearly specify which kind of prayer-walking you have in mind! Is it peaceful, mellow times off the beaten path? Or is it cutting-edge supernatural battles while strolling through the desperate, crime-ridden neighborhoods of your city! What you eat for breakfast and what footwear you put on depends entirely on this distinction!

So there you have it: the two kinds of prayer-walking. Now here’s the actual definition for the noun prayer walk. Note that there are several senses that this term can be used in. There is a lot of information in this definition related to the different synonyms. All the words prefixed with an asterisk (*) are defined later in this post! (This is a BIG entry!)

¹prayer walk n. See various senses. A variety of terms are associated with prayer walks and the activity of *prayer-walking. Most of these terms can be classified into two categories: saying one’s private prayers while walking, hiking, or running (see sense 1 below) ; or saying prayers as a form of a spiritual warfare targeted at the area in which one is walking, jogging, running, driving, or marching (see sense 3 below) .
Some terms are used in both contexts of private prayer and spiritual warfare: *¹prayer walk; *²prayer walk; *prayer walker; *prayer walking; *prayer excursion. Some terms are used primarily in the context of private prayer: *prayer hike, *prayer hiking. And some terms are used primarily in the context of spiritual warfare: *¹prayer drive; *²prayer drive; *prayer driving; *prayer expedition; *prayer jogging; *prayer journey; *prayer march; *praise march; *¹prayer run; *²prayer run.
Prayer walks intended to circle a building or area for the purpose of spiritual warfare are called *Jericho walks; *Jericho marches 2; *Joshua walks; or *Joshua marches.
Prayer walks as defined in sense 3 below usually are local activities done by small groups in an inconspicuous way. By comparison, *prayer marches and *praise marches 2 are larger and more public assemblies of Christians. *Prayer journeys and *prayer expeditions may be any size, but they usually have an international scope.
1. A walk, typically though not necessarily in a peaceful or natural area, for the purpose of private prayer and contemplation.
See also *prayer hike; *prayer hiking.
1876 Blaikie “[Biography of] Mrs. Augustus W. Hare” The Family Treasury 481 : There was a walk at Hurstmonceaux which came to be called her “Prayer-walk”—a green alley that separated the garden from the field, where she used to pace up and down in prayerful meditation and aspiration. 1879 MacDonald Sir Gibbie 205 : Robert had kept on going to the barn, and back again to the kitchen, all the morning, consumed with anxiety about the son of his old age; but the barn began to be flooded, and he had to limit his prayer-walk to the space between the door of the house and the chair where Janet sat—knitting busily, and praying with countenance untroubled. 1935 Churches of Christ International J. of Religious Education XII. 34 : I find help in stated times of devotion—in an early morning “prayer walk,” in the reading of the mystics [=Christian mystics] and religious biography, in periods of silence, and in collective worship when it is beautiful and truthful. 1945 Page The Will of God for These Days 77 : The prayer walk is a stimulating form of practicing the presence of God…. The prayer walk may be taken especially for communion with God, possibly a walk to some beautiful spot; or one may pray as he walks in the regular course of the day’s activities. Let God walk with you wherever you go. 1957 Martin The Power of an Urgent Look, and Other Sermons 164 : And I thought, “Well, now, there’s Dr. Thompson’s prayer walk.” Every evening, just after dinner, he takes a prayer walk. The students grew to count on this thing…. On his prayer walk he found his place for prayer out in the open; in autumn, spring, and summer and winter…. One can find a place for prayer if he looks for it, if he uses godly imagination. 1986 Lutheran Standard XXVI. 261 : But prayer walks provide me with an animated closeness to God that I have not discovered even in the lofty ribbed vaulting of Gothic cathedrals. 1987 Keating Who We Are Is How We Pray xi : My mother used to take me on prayer walks. She would say, “We won’t talk. We shall just walk and look and thank God for everything beautiful. Let’s think about how God loves us.” 1988 Helleberg God’s Best for You 96 : If you’ve never taken a prayer walk, I’d like to invite you to do so. It’s a very good way to open to God. 1993 Press Telegram (Long Beach, CA) (1 May) : I enjoy taking prayer walks to the beach. When I get there, I usually hang out and read my Bible. 1998 Cedar A Life of Prayer 193 : You may prefer … a prayer walk along the beach or a prayer hike into the countryside.
2. An organized, peaceful demonstration, sometimes with political overtones, in which the participants pray while walking or marching.
1963 New York Times (16 Apr.) : Neither Mr. Boutwell … nor any of the nine Council members referred directly to the sit-ins at restaurants, “prayer walks” and protest marches that have been taking place. 1983 The Leader-Post (Regina, Saskatchewan) (26 May) A3 : Marlene Konecsni of Dysart described the event as a “prayer walk” rather than a demonstration…. Participants, many of whom carried signs bearing pro-life slogans, gathered at about 10 a.m. They were handed printed sheets so they could join in hymns and other songs. “We were praying as we were singing and talking,” Marlene said in an interview later.
3. A walk through an area, such as a neighborhood or urban district, for the purpose of inconspicuously praying for the people and activities there. By observing the area and its residents first-hand, the person praying may be able to pray with greater specificity and empathy. Prayer walks in this sense are usually associated with spiritual warfare (see citations for 1991, 1997, 2000, 2007, 2011).
See also *prayer-walking.
1990 Stamm He Is Real s.v. April 28 : In your prayer walk, you can pray for the people in homes, apartments, schools, or businesses you pass. 1991 Sherrer, Garlock A Woman’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare 71 : I assume our city has an evil prince over it, with other evil spirit working under him. While on my prayer walk, I bind any spirits I feel the Holy Spirit reveals to me. 1993 White Breaking Strongholds: How Spiritual Warfare Sets Captives Free 172 : Many times I have led prayer walks to such high places—shrines, New Age bookstores, pornography shops, university campuses, town halls, courthouses, headquarters of occult organizations. 1993 Bunting Into His Presence: Spiritual Disciplines for the Inner Life 198 : A prayer walk through the streets of a city should be able to trigger several areas for prayer that you may never have considered. 1994 Castelli How I Pray 000 : I have been involved in what we call Prayer Walks, where we walk around a certain area or building with another person and pray in conversational tones as though we are talking with each other; actually we are talking to the Lord. 1995 Rommen Spiritual Power and Missions 149 : Prayer walks are now becoming a big emphasis in missions strategy. 1996 Associated Press “Faithful Walk to Drive Out Devil” Rocky Mountain News (5 May) : Holland and about 100 volunteers donned their armor—their faith in Jesus Christ—for a “prayer walk” through some of the toughest neighborhoods in Brockton, one of poorest, most crime-plagued cities in Massachusetts. 1997 Arnold 3 Crucial Questions About Spiritual Warfare 47 : Prayer: The Essential Weapon of Spiritual Warfare…. Meet with a group of people and “prayer walk” through the neighborhoods in your city. 1997 Sheets Intercessory Prayer 249 : 2000 Bramadat The Church on the World’s Turf: An Evangelical Christian Group at a Secular University 175 : During a “prayer walk,” students walk in groups around the campus…. Thus for many students prayer walks amount to ambulatory “spiritual warfare,” while for others they are times to prepare themselves psychospiritually for the day’s events. 2007 Sharrock Spiritual Warfare: A Struggle for Truth 142 : If demons do inhabit a neighborhood, then a “Prayer Walk” is apparently needed. If a demon has power over a city, then a “Praise March” is required. 2011 DomNwachukwu Incessant Warfare: A Critical Hist. of Spiritual Warfare 257 : Church plant and church growth requires spiritual warfare. God’s people must study the environment, and do prayer walk around the city in question so as to establish a hold on that city.


Next we have the entry for the verb form prayer-walk and the gerund prayer-walking. Note that these terms also can be used for either the personal/contemplative prayer or the “mobile spiritual warfare” style of prayer.


²prayer-walk v. See various senses.

For more information, see *¹prayer walk.
1. To go on a *¹prayer walk 1.
2. To walk through an area, such as a neighborhood or urban district, for the purpose of inconspicuously praying for the people and activities there; to go on a *¹prayer walk 3.
For more information, see *¹prayer walk.
1994 Milsk, Bray Empowered by Goid 114 : To buy it back and repossess it for the kingdom of God, we needed to cast down every high imagination that vaunted itself against the Lord. So we prayer-walked our way around the city. We held Jericho marches and prayer vigils not only at not only at the Statue of Liberty, but at Ellis Island, the United Nations, and the World Trade Center. 1997 Covenant Companion LXXXVI. 223 : We prayed onsite at all big arena events; we prayer-walked the campus, and prayed in small groups. 1998 Pousson in Tan-Chow Pentecostal Theology for the Twenty-First Century: Engaging with Multi-Faith Singapore 61fn162 : Some 40,000 believers from diverse denominational backgrounds prayerwalked a prescribed route to sow prayers of blessing for the nation. It is seen as one of the spiritual benchmarks in the history of the Singapore Church. 2000 Lyne Baton Change: Releasing the Next Generation 42 : Every month before Design for Life we gathered a group from the church and prayer-walked right around the circumference of the town. It was a refreshing walk taking nearly two hours, and down each road we would pray individually [for the homes we passed]. 2005 Mull Lord, Disciple Me 90 : He talked of students “prayer walking” their campuses, blessing their principals and teachers. 2007 Towns, Stetzer 11 Innovations in the Local Church 119 : Expand God’s perimeters. This is when Christians prayer-walk throughout a city, praying for every home and launching a spiritual attack on the forces that hold the city in spiritual darkness.

prayer-walking ger. See various senses.

For more information, see *¹prayer walk.
In the 1990s the term prayer-walking was often assumed to be unfamiliar to readers (at sense 1, see 1999 citation; at sense 2, see 1993 citation).
1. The activity of going on a *¹prayer walk 1.
1999 Bell Made to Be Loved: Enjoying Spiritual Intimacy with God and Your Spouse 151 : The term prayer-walking is probably new to you, yet the tradition of husband and wife walking and praying with God is hardly a new idea.
2. The activity of going on a *¹prayer walk 3.
The practice of prayer-walking as a means of spiritual warfare (see *¹prayer walk 2) is sometimes said to have originated in the 1970s or 1980s (see citations for 2001ab, 2005). Credit for coining the term prayer-walking in this sense has been variously attributed to Ed Silvoso (see 2006 citation) and to Steve Hawthorne and Graham Kendrick (see 2007 citation).
1990 Kendrick, Houghton Prayerwalking: A New Approach to Spiritual Warfare 29 : Prayerwalking consists of three simple elements. They are that you should be: outside, on the move, talking to God. 1993 Hawthorne, Kendrick Awaking Our Cities for God: A Guide to Prayer-Walking 17 : Many people have begun to use a new word to describe the recent burst of citywide intercession. Yet to walk while praying is probably not a new activity, though it seems different from the well-known formats of prayer. The rising interest is so substantial that it can only help to add a new word to our vocabulary: prayerwalking. We define prayerwalking simply as praying on-site with insight. 1995 Silva Campus Prayerwalking [title] 1996 Mundy The Complete Guide to Prayer-Walking [title] 1999 Charisma and Christian Life XXIV. iss. 6–11 48 : Prayer is moving out of the church and into the streets — through prayer-walking, praise marches, lighthouses of prayer and on-site praying. In some areas, entire cities are being marked off in grids for prayer-walking so that every home and business may be targeted for “saturation prayer.” 2001 Shannon The Way We Pray 103 : “Prayer-walking” is approached in a variety of ways. In the 1970s, this informal Christian movement began: practitioners would choose an area in which to walk, then pray for the people they encountered, as well as for the unseen people living in the houses they passed. 2001 Koenig, McCullough Handbook of Religion and Health 366 : Prayer-Walking, a movement begun in the mid-1980s, is an activity popularized by Linus Mundy after he discovered that vigorous walking and hiking were more relaxing if combined with prayer. 2002 Crawford, Miller Prayer Walking: A Journey of Faith [title] 2004 Allen Dear Andrew and Tyler: Letters from a Missionary in the Balkans 000 : We visited with a pastor at the church there along with three other church leaders about a prayer walking team that will be coming in a few weeks. 2005 Sprinkle Follow Me: Becoming a Lifestyle Prayerwalker 14 : The one who coined the term prayerwalking is lost to history. What we do know is that the timeline seems to begin in the mid-1970s. 2006 Towns How to Pray When You Don’t Know What to Say 67 : Since the time [in 1980] that Ed Silvoso first coined the phrase “prayer walking,” others have developed variations on Ed’s ideas. 2006 Sharon It’s All in Your Head 86 : In just a short time, God would bless me with a prayer walking partner. We would walk and pray together. 2007 Towns, Stetzer, Bird 11 Innovations in the Local Church 262fn13 : “Prayer walking” is a phrase coined by Steve Hawthorne and Graham Kendrick in Prayer-walking: Praying on Site with Insight (1993).


The rest of the entries below are grouped in a more or less logical order for easy browsing; they’re not given alphabetically. Scroll down and see what other terms you might be interested in! Note that, as described in the very first definition at the top of the page, the one for prayer walk, some of these terms can be used in reference to either personal prayer or spiritual warfare prayer. And some of these terms are really only used for either personal prayer OR spiritual warfare prayer. Each term’s definition will clearly refer to which style of prayer it is used with. And the cited quotations will also be helpful.


¹prayer drive n. A variant of *¹prayer walk 3 in which a person drives a vehicle while praying.
For more information, see *¹prayer walk.
2001 Rumph, Wagner Stories from the Front Lines: Power Evangelism in Today’s World 33 : Pastor Tanto Handoko … had begun leading his troops in intercessory “prayer drives” in 1982…. During the all-night events, thirty or forty intercessors gathered at 9 p.m. and spent three hours in praise and worship preparing for front-line action. At midnight they divided into different vehicles to pray on-site at various targets of need in the city. 2001 Sheets The Beginner’s Guide to Intercession 122 : The local pastor was not willing to relinquish the ground to Satan and organized “prayer drives.” Month after month, year after year, intercessors gathered for praise and worship before spending the rest of the night praying on-site at various points to which they had driven, throughout the city. 2006 Blackaby, King Fresh Encounter: A 28-Day Devotional Guide 17 : Some small groups went on prayer walks through town, and still others went on prayer drives through the country praying for a harvest. 2006 Claydon A New Vision, a New Heart, a Renewed Call II. 12 : Physically go to those being prayed for by means of prayerwalks, prayer-journeys, prayer-drives, and prayer-flights. 2007 Tan-Chow Pentecostal Theology for the Twenty-First Century 61 : Prayer walks and prayer drives are designed to encourage the participation of all believers as well as to empower them in this privilege and responsibility.
²prayer drive v. A variant of *²prayer walk 2 in which a person drives a vehicle while praying.
For more information, see *¹prayer walk.
2000 Alves, Femrite, Kaufman Intercessors: Discovering Your Anointing 28 : She “prayer-drove” the streets and prayed God’s Word over the hurting. 2003 Borgialli The Journey 326 : Several of us were “prayer driving,” and in the course of our praying, we cursed a bar in a particular town. 2006 Silvoso Anointed for Business 2/e 127 : Dave will prayer drive and prayer walk the developments, blessing first the vacant lots and then the houses as they go up, praying for the safety of the workers and praying for God to bring the right people to live in them. 2009 Harney Organic Outreach for Ordinary People 100 : If you decide to prayer walk (or prayer drive) your street or neighborhood, commit to do so at least weekly. Begin walking (or driving) and quietly lift up prayers for God to move and break out in each life and home. 2011 Bright A Woman’s Walk in Truth 203 : Since it’s difficult to prayer-walk the dirt roads, Kelly decided to prayer-drive.
prayer driving ger. The activity of going on a *¹prayer drive.
For more information, see *¹prayer walk.
2009 Culpepper The Great Commission: The Solution 59 : Conduct prayer walking and prayer driving events in your city.
prayer hike n. A hike in a rugged area for the purpose of private prayer and contemplation; a variant of *¹prayer walk 1 in which a person hikes while praying.
For more information, see *¹prayer walk.
1985 Harman Retreat Planning Made Easy 22 : One morning, about 30 minutes before breakfast, plan to take the group on a prayer hike. Map out the walk ahead of time, planning how far you will hike between stops and what you will consider at each place. At the various stops you might offer a prayer, recall a blessing, consider creation, … sing a praise song [etc.]. 1995 Kallestad The Everyday, Anytime Guide to Prayer 56 : You can begin to develop your own prayer habits today. Be creative about developing your habits. Go for prayer walks, or prayer hikes, or prayer trips, or try prayer journaling, or prayer singing, or prayer reading. 2007 Cobia The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Evangelical Christianity 132 : I’ve known people who practice a daily prayer-hike.
prayer hiking ger. The activity of going on a *prayer hike.
For more information, see *¹prayer walk.
2009 Vacation Bible School Director Guide 53 : Activities: … Prayer Hiking.
prayer jogging ger. A variant of a *¹prayer walk 3 in which a person jogs while praying.
For more information, see *¹prayer walk.
1993 Charisma and Christian Life XVIII. 5 27 : His “prayer jogging” is purposeful intercession. Before setting out, he asks God to help him choose which school or region to cover in prayer. “I like to lay hands on the school buildings while the students are all in one place and pray that God would touch them and bring salvation to our high schools,” Teykl says.
¹prayer run n. A variant of *¹prayer walk 3 in which a person runs while praying.
For more information, see *¹prayer walk.
2008 Bourke Second Calling: Finding Passion and Purpose for the Rest of Your Life 153 : Pam lives about a mile south of me, so we set a point in-between to meet and begin our “prayer run” together. We felt a little silly at first, but then we figured most people would think we were just gossiping; and if they overheard us praying, what was the harm in that? 2010 Mazzella The Heart of It All 291 : Plan frequent prayer walks, runs, or prayer drives throughout your region. As you go past these parts of town, homes, businesses, churches, schools, etc., pray that the power and presence of God enters in. 2011 Lewis Better Together Devotional 115 : As I entered the “listening” section of my prayer run, I realized that my fingers were getting cold.
²prayer run v. A variant of *²prayer walk 3 in which a person runs while praying.
For more information, see *¹prayer walk.
2004 Avant The Passion Promise: Living a Life Only God Can Imagine 165 : I regularly challenge our church members to walk or jog around our facilities at least once a week and pray That day it was my time to prayer-run, but it was raining. I decided maybe a run in the rain would do me good.

prayer walker n. See various senses.

For more information, see *¹prayer walk.
1. Someone who goes on a *¹prayer walk 1.
1988 Helleberg God’s Best for You 98 : When participants in a retreat bring back their gifts [=found objects, such as leaves and pebbles] from a prayer walk and share with the group the message the Lord has given them through His gift, there is an amazing variety both of gifts and of messages…. Often the prayer walkers go past the object and then are drawn back to it.
2. Someone who goes on a *¹prayer walk 3.
See also *prayer-walking.
1993 Prior Creating Community: An Every-Member Approach to Ministry in the Local Church 200 : Fascinating and determinative insights have come into the minds of … “prayer walkers.” 1997 Haggard, Hayford Loving Your City into the Kingdom 64 : Prayerwalkers learn to pray beyond their own concerns, focusing prayer on behalf of their neighbors. Prayerwalking is usually a low-profile affair: Friends or family strolling two-by-two through their own neighborhoods, schools and work places, praying as they go. 1999 Adventist Rev. CLXXVI. iss. 1–26 12 : We need 100,000 prayer walkers in America. I’m a prayer walker. 2000 Bramadat The Church on the World’s Turf: An Evangelical Christian Group at a Secular University 175 : During a “prayer walk,” students walk in groups around the campus…. In so doing, prayer walkers “claim the campus for Christ.” 2001 Sprinkle Follow Me: Lessons for Becoming a Prayerwalker [title] 2005 Easum, Tenny-Brittian Under the Radar: Learning from Risk-Taking Churches 18 : These conversations become more open over time, and the prayer walker is enabled to discover more about the neighborhood as well as practice friendship evangelism as the relationship grows. 2008 Reese Unbinding Your Heart: 40 Days of Prayer and Faith-Sharing 34 : There will be “Prayer Walkers” moving through the crowd the entire time they are here. The Prayer Walkers are praying all the time, that specific children and parents will see Christ in something that happens, that some of the families will be moved to come to worship.
Jericho walk n. Also Jericho prayer walk. [From Jericho, the name of a city conquered by the Israelites after they marched around its walls; see Joshua 6:1-20] A form of *prayer-walking in which a person walks around the perimeter of a building or district while praising God or praying for the people or activities within.
Sometimes the perimeter is walked seven times because Joshua’s army marched around Jericho seven times (see Joshua 6:4,16), and sometimes on the seventh lap the participants raise the volume of their prayer and singing (see 2002 citation; at *Jericho march 2, see citations for 2007a, 2011).
Other names for a Jericho walk are *Joshua march and *Joshua walk.
For more information, see *¹prayer walk 3.
1975 Chambers Get Me a Tambourine 36 : A Jericho walk … You know, when we march all around the building. 1987 Kyle Finishing the Task: World Evangelization in Our Generation 165 : They met frequently, thought and prayed, but saw no way forward apart from prayer. And so they set up a little strategy they called the “Jericho Walks.” Each day they walked around each dorm of the campus praying that God would raise up mission prayer and study groups on every floor. 1996 Eastman Jericho Hour 171 : There our Jericho prayer walk around Romania’s communist headquarters in Bucharest took place. 2001 Stringer Somebody Cares: A Guide to Living Out Your Faith 91 : In addition to the fast, God called those men and myself to a Jericho Walk for our city. We began at 8 p.m. one Friday night and walked the 610 Loop around downtown Houston, about a 40-mile walk. 2002 Fuller, Luce When Teens Pray: Powerful Stories of How God Works 83 : The day before school started, I met with some of my friends and we did a Jericho Walk around the perimeter of the high school. We walked it six times, praying for specific students, teachers, and administers…. On the last lap [=the seventh lap] we sang songs and praised God. 2003 Higgs Youth Ministry from the Inside Out 116 : Youth groups around the country are engaging in “Jericho walks,” where they march around school campuses, claiming them for Christ. Prayerwalking provides several obvious benefits. 2004 Kent When I Lay My Isaac Down 145,151 : I was a broken woman, acutely aware that in spite of multiple Jericho prayer walks around the courthouse and hundreds of people praying for us all over the country, God had not answered our prayers in the way we had hoped…. Could this mean that God is doing something even grander than what I prayed for on the Jericho walks around the courthouse? 2004 Hess Let My People Go! 83 : Every year for seven years the Lord has had us take another Jericho walk around the Kremlin.
Jericho march n. [From Jericho, the name of a city conquered by the Israelites after they marched around its walls; see Joshua 6:1-20] See various senses.
1. Pentecostal A march by an assembly of Christians, usually around a church’s sanctuary and usually spontaneously, as a means of praising God.
1977 Womack The Pyramid Principle of Church Growth 44 : “What this church needs,” I said, “is a good, old-fashioned Jericho march!” … Most of us in that Sunday school class could remember the Jericho marches, when at a high point in the service the people would all march around the inside of the church, singing and shouting and praising God. Today, the practice is often recalled with tones of ridicule, but for those who participated sincerely it was a significant and often spiritual experience. 1979 Landorf The Richest Lady in Town 71 : When the Pastor received mail with any money in it, he would wave it high above his head to the Lord and have a praise service and what he called a “Jericho March,” thanking God as we all stomped around his living room (sort of a sanctified dance line). 1982 Hicks Praying Beyond God’s Ability 36 : Probably what is known in Pentecostal circles as the “Jericho march” is a good example of a principle which has now become a formula. The initial Jericho march could have been in the inspiration and anointing of the Holy Spirit. Others tried it because they heard about it…. But by the third or fourth time a principle had become a formula. 1990 Malz Making Your Husband Feel Loved: Nineteen Well-Known Christian Women Share Their Secrets 206 : She married a French Catholic and immediately began nagging and coaching. The Sunday she finally got him to church, she jumped up during a joyous part of the service and started a Jericho march around the building. He was overwhelmed. “You started a religious riot,” he said. 2008 McCollam Fires of Revolution 24 : I wonder how many reading this knows what a Jericho march is? The churches used to have Jericho marches all the time. The whole church getting up and marching or running around the church together, praising and playing before the Lord like a bunch of kids. 2012 Nervona You Can’t Have My Pearls 53 : They would also perform Jericho marches, which entailed everyone in the church (except the piano player) getting up and marching seven times around the inside of the church. Members held their arms up in the air, spoke in tongues, sang, and praised God, and this was supposed to make whatever obstacles the church faced fall down and make the devil depart.
2. Also Jericho prayer march. Syn *Jericho walk.
1993 White Breaking Strongholds: How Spiritual Warfare Sets Captives Free 170 : The Lord has for some time now been prompting men and women to engage in what have become known as “faith walks.” Some have called this style of prayer “Joshua” or “Jericho” talks. 1994 Milsk, Bray Empowered by Goid 114 : To buy it back and repossess it for the kingdom of God, we needed to cast down every high imagination that vaunted itself against the Lord. So we prayer-walked our way around the city. We held Jericho marches and prayer vigils not only at not only at the Statue of Liberty, but at Ellis Island, the United Nations, and the World Trade Center. 1994 Eggebroten Abortion: My Choice, God’s Grace: Christian Women Tell Their Stories 162 : On a typical day most of the protestors slowly circled the sidewalk in front of the clinic in a “Jericho Prayer March” (in hopes that the clinic’s walls would come tumbling down). 1997 Cauffiel House of Secrets 187 : When she left the trailer, she noticed a pentagram drawn in the dirt in her backyard. Some fundamentalists believe in a specific prayer when faced with overwhelming evil. It is called a “Jericho March,” named after the story of Israelites circling Jericho seven times and bringing down its walls. “I felt the Lord telling me to put on my shoes and go do a Jericho March,” Jean later recalled. “I went around that trailer seven times, praying in the spirit [=praying in tongues]” 1997 Charisma and Christian Life vols. 22–23 81 : Students did a “Jericho march” around the church seven times and prayed against the town’s three witch covens. 2000 Montgomery A Harvest of Peace 196 : Then, during the Sunday morning service, the preacher’s wife spontaneously declared that the congregation was going to have a Jericho march. My husband and I looked at one another with puzzlement. In our long years of going to church, neither of us had any idea how such a thing was accomplished—at least not without a walled city and ram’s horn. We soon discovered, however, that a Jericho march could very well be accomplished by the entire congregation promenading around the church building, led by the preacher’s wife … while she carried the Christian, United States, and Confederate flags. 2004 Davis Christian Worship: The Fallacy and the Divine 54 : Performance varies from a sort of shaking movement to a co-called “Jericho march” (marching around the inside of the church singing and giving praise to God). This is not planned dancing, nor is such done with a partner. 2003 Bunch Small Group Idea Book 87 : [Go on a] Jericho march around City Hall. Pray for government officials and pending legislation, and that Jesus’ will would be done in your city. 2007 Frohlich Rebellion Is As the Sin of Witchcraft 124 : Finally, the Lord told one of us that we needed to do a Jericho march around the mission school. Seven times we had to march around the whole property praying silently to God. On the seventh lap we began praising the Lord with shouts of jubilation and praise. 2007 Fuller Loving Your Spouse Through Prayer 70 : Every year before school started, the whole family went to the campuses each of them would attend that year (including the high school Mom taught in) and do a Jericho March—a prayer walk around the perimeter of the campus. They prayed for students and families, administrators, and teachers. 2009 Okoro Nigeria: Her Woes and Their True Remedies 520 : Should you be guided to specific situations that require token “ceremonies” or prayer acts by the Holy Spirit, then do them, e.g., … taking Joshua walks (Joshua 1:3; 5:13–15), and making Jericho marches (Joshua 6:3–21) around institutions, industries, roads, and so on. 2011 Survivor The Tormenting Factor 255 : I desperately wanted to see victory in Daddy’s health situation. I decided to do a Jericho march around Daddy’s bed. I pulled the bed away from the wall and placed it in the middle of the floor…. I marched around his bed six times, praying in tongues…. On the seventh lap around his bed, I shouted down the walls of cancer in his body.
Joshua march n. [From Joshua, the name of the Israelite leader who led the march around Jericho; see Joshua 6:1-20] Syn *Jericho walk.
1989 Full Gospel Business Men’s Voice vols. 37–38 88 : I … did a “Joshua march” around the state capitol where the Klan [was to] met. 2011 Kretschmer, Ravizza The Waging War Within: A Devotional 136 : There are Joshua marches being held all over the country where people are trying to reclaim their children’s schools and neighborhoods from the gang violence and drugs that have permeated our society.
Joshua walk n. [From Joshua, the name of the Israelite leader who led the march aaround Jericho; see Joshua 6:1-20] Syn *Jericho walk.
1993 White Breaking Strongholds: How Spiritual Warfare Sets Captives Free 170 : Some have called this style of prayer “Joshua” or “Jericho” walks. Faith walking simply incorporates praying on-site with inspired insight, listening for the voice of God concerning his will for a particular place. 1997 Conn Planting and Growing Urban Churches 61 : The single most significant aid to Caleb Project research is the weekly Joshua Walk, or “J”-Walk as is it affectionately called. Team members go out, two by two, to walk through and pray over specific areas of the city…. Team leaders keep a map on a wall of the team’s living quarters and color in the areas where team members have J-Walked.
praise march n.
1. Syn *Jericho march 1.
1979 Landorf The Richest Lady in Town 86 : Pastor got happy, started his Jericho March and waved a whole page of two-cent stamps. “You will get ten of those two-cent stamps,” the Lord said. I joined in the praise march for I was getting ten stamps instead of the one I’d asked for!
2. A variant of *¹prayer walk 3 in which large numbers of Christians publicly march through the streets praying and worshiping God.
1988 Third Way (Aug.) 30 : In these days of public praise marches this book may challenge us to find out what our songs say to outsides and be alert to notice when triumph becomes triumphalism. 1991 Charisma and Christian Life 16/5 15 : The Austin event was not the first citywide praise march in the United States. We held one in Stamford, Connecticut, on October 28, 1990. We were surely a smaller group, but no less enthusiastic. 1993 White Breaking Strongholds: How Spiritual Warfare Sets Captives Free 196 : Tracing to a movement spawned in England by Graham Kendrick, cities around the world are participating in praise marches, giving verbal and visible witness to the lordship of Jesus. 1993 Charisma and Christian Life 18/5 25 : Quiet prayerwalks complement more high-profile praise marches and prayer rallies. In a prayerwalk, [the participants engage in both] worship and warfare. 1995 Rainer Gaint Awakenings 29 : Another example of praying outside the walls includes praise marches, where churches come together to pray for their city. 1999 Dunlap “Demon Possession: Are Believers at Risk?” : If demons do inhabit a neighborhood, then a “Prayer Walk” is apparently needed. If a demon has power over a city, then a “Praise March” is required. 2009 Jacobs Possessing the Gates of the Enemy 271 : Describe the different purposes and effects of an “undercover” prayer walk by an individual or small group, in contrast to a large public praise march such as March for Jesus.
prayer journey n. A trip to one or more specially selected cities or locations, usually in other countries, in order to pray there as a form of spiritual warfare.
For more information, see *¹prayer walk.
1993 Wagner Churches That Pray: How Prayer Can Help Revitalize Your Church 173 : This state of affairs is mutually recognized by top-level prayer leaders and we are now trying not to use the term “prayerwalking” to describe, for example, what we agree would be better called a “prayer expedition” or a “prayer journey,” although the terms will overlap and be used interchangeably by some. 1994 Charisma and Christian Life XIX. iss. 6–11 : Organizers of the campaign said more than one thousand people made “prayer journeys” during October. 1995 Hanna Prayer Journeys: A Leader’s How-To Manual 9 : A prayer journey is a trip made by a group of believers to a distant location for the purpose of interceding there. Team members spend extended time prayerwalking, asking God to bring His kingdom to that location. 1995 Wagner, Peters, Wilson Praying Through the 100 Gateway Cities of the 10/40 Window 30,31 : Prayer journeys: These are focused primarily on strongholds…. To conduct an intercessory prayer journey, a given church or ministry recruits a prayer team of, say, five to ten members, and sends them to another city or other strategic points for the purpose of on-site prayer. 2000 Stump Boundaries of Faith 224 : The group responsible for managing these campaigns, the Christian Information Network, has also organized “prayer journeys” during which believers travel to 10/40 Window countries and pray for the local acceptance of Christianity. 2001 Drumwright The Life That Prays: Reflections on Prayer As Strategy 203 : Operation Torch is enlisting hundreds of prayerwalkers to participate in prayer journeys to North Africa, with focus on the people groups of the region. 2002 Hayford New Spirit-Filled Life Bible 1872 : People are taking prayer journeys where historic oppression or massive killing has ruled regions and cultures—at such scenes as ancient massacres, slave trading, or war. 2002 Byerly Miracles Happen When Women Pray 125 : It is thrilling to witness more and more nations participate in prayer walking and prayer journeys. I myself have been honored to be a part of prayer journeys in Korea, China, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Israel, Jordan, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus and Russia. As I mingled with the people there, I heard many stories of miracles and supernatural breakthroughs in their nations. 2005 Greenwood Authority to Tread: A Practical Guide for Strategic-Level Spiritual Warfare 207 : Over the past thirteen years, she has participated in and led spiritual warfare prayer journeys to many cities across the state of Texas and to countries such as Egypt, Nepal, Italy, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Ireland and Spain. 2007 Pierce God’s Unfolding Battle Plan 225 : Individuals and teams went on prayer journeys to all the nations inside this window of the world and learned about spiritual warfare, prayer walking, confronting the enemy, and watching and interceding for harvest in a new way.
prayer excursion n. See various senses.
1. Syn *prayer expedition.
1998 Falwell, Towns Fasting Can Change Your Life 202 : Steve Hawthorne recommends prolonged fasts before entering extensive prayer journeys or prayer excursions. Find your own comfort level and do both as God leads you. 2006 Towns How to Pray When You Don’t Know What to Say 68 : And then there are prayer excursions, in which people journey to a location that is in need of prayer. During the late 90s and early twenty-first century, many Christians went on such prayer excursions to major cities within the 10/40 Window.
2. A prayer meeting convened somewhere other than the usual location, often in a public place, in order to pray for the needs of the people in that place.
2000 Sheets Watchman Prayer 41 : Margie has helped coordinate dozens of prayer excursions on and around Capitol Hill. God has given her great favor with church and government leaders alike. She has personally met with many members of Congress to pray for them and to offer biblical counsel. 2005 Dean Fueled by Faith: Living Vibrantly in the Power of Prayer 220 : This week, plan a prayer excursion. Go by yourself, enlist a fellow intercessor, or go as a prayer group. Go to a public place—a mall, a restaurant, a ball game. Pray “flash prayers” for people you encounter…. If you are with a partner or a group, you may wish to pray aloud in conversational tones.
prayer expedition n. A trip through multiple cities or regions in order to go on *¹prayer walks 3 in those places.
1993 Wagner Churches That Pray: How Prayer Can Help Revitalize Your Church 173 : This state of affairs is mutually recognized by top-level prayer leaders and we are now trying not to use the term “prayerwalking” to describe, for example, what we agree would be better called a “prayer expedition” or a “prayer journey,” although the terms will overlap and be used interchangeably by some. 1995 Wagner, Peters, Wilson Praying Through the 100 Gateway Cities of the 10/40 Window 30 : Prayer expeditions: These are focused primarily on regions.
prayer march n. A variant of *¹prayer walk 3 in which large numbers of Christians publicly march through the streets praying and worshiping God.
1994 van Engen God So Loves the City: Seeking a Theology for Urban Mission 281 : Prayer movements and prayer marches in cities are gaining momentum in many places. Examples include Latin America Mission’s Christ for the City program, and the prayer marches started in England with Graham Kendrick. 2008 Lai Religious Diversity in Singapore 134 : The prayer march … in which Christians gather en masse to process through city streets to a site where they hold a well-publicized rally. 2009 Townsend Beyond Illusion: Leading from Reality 119 : A denominational leader shared with me a story of some children from a church…. It seems a businessman in Portland decided to build a pornographic store not too far from a major intersection where I lived. These kids (very young) came up with their leaders from their church and did a prayer march around the store. Then the group went on home to their city and church. That night the store burned to the ground.
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