St. Arbucks

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Have you worshiped at “St. Arbucks” on a Sunday morning? Read on…

Paul warned us 2,000 years ago about people “whose god is their belly” (Philippians 3:19). Thank goodness he didn’t know about our modern-day obsession with caffeine! He might have revised that verse to read “There are some among you whose god is a venti half-soy nonfat decaf double-shot fair-trade roast of the day with sweet-and-low.”

Enter St. Arbucks, the consolation of many. Have you ever joked around by referring to Starbucks as “St. Arbucks”? Have you heard people say it?


St. Arbucks n. Pronounced Saint Arbucks. [a respelling of the word Starbucks ‘the trademarked brand name of a chain of coffeeshops’ to make it resemble a saint’s name such as might appear in the name of a church] A humorous, tongue-in-cheek name for a Starbucks coffee shop or any coffee shop.
One “attends” St. Arbucks simply by going to Starbucks. Thus a Christian might quip: “I didn’t see you at church this morning because I was at St. Arbucks.”
For more information, see *fictitious churches.
2005 Fischer Confessions of a Caffeinated Christian: Wide-Awake and Not Alone 114 : I actually have heard of a group of guys who treat their local Starbucks like a church, gathering there weekly to fellowship, study the Bible, and pray. That’s how they came up with this new name: St. Arbucks. Sounds like a mainline church, doesn’t it? 2007 Seed Future History: Understanding the Book of Daniel and End Times 74 : Your shower is broken, your car won’t start, and when you finally get to “St. Arbucks,” they’re out of your favorite blend. 2008 O’Deens Abs of Faith 12 : They can meet in the local diner, at St. Arbucks. (Some might know it better as Starbucks, but it is amazing how many spiritual conversations and spiritual fitness habits have been conducted over a great cup of Java!) 2008 Ryan Snapshots at St. Arbuck’s: Hijacked by Hope in a Neighborhood Coffee Bar [title] 2009 Eastman, Wendorff Faith: Living a Transformed Life : I’ve heard of a group of guys that gets together regularly at a Starbucks somewhere in New Jersey, only they have changed the name of the place to St. Arbucks.
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