tooth angel

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Somewhat below Santa Claus on the list of things Christian parents worry about is whether to tell the kids about the tooth fairy or the tooth angel…


tooth angel n. Euphemism for tooth fairy; the euphemism makes the folk tradition less pagan by substituting a supernatural flying creature from the Bible for the supernatural flying creature of folktales.
1999 Miller God’s Abundance for Women: Devotions for a More Meaningful Life : If you’d like to substitute a Tooth Angel for the Tooth Fairy for the lost teeth of your children, introduce it to them from the beginning and you may all enjoy it. 2002 Copeland A Warmth in Winter 235 : “The tooth angel? That’s silly. It’s a tooth fairy.” 2009 Gaskill Barn Burner viii : Mommy told her it was the tooth fairy that left the dollar bill under her pillow. Tina didn’t like that at all. “That goes against God,” she’d said. “That’s sorcery and Satanism and that’s against Jesus. I wouldn’t have told her that. I would have told her it was the tooth angel.” Mommy rolled her eyes and laughed. “Why, who ever heard of a tooth angel?”
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