Zierman weighs in on Christianese

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Earlier this week, Relevant Magazine contributor Addie Zierman mused about the use and the role of Christianese in the church.

The comments below his article were interesting: about a fifty-fifty split between people who agreed with him that cliches can do more harm than good and people who either didn’t see his point or else didn’t agree that it was worth talking about.

It’s true that cliched language can get in the way of evangelism, fellowship, and discipleship. That being said, it’s human nature to be playful and creative when it comes to expressing ourselves. How much Christianese is too much? The complicated answer is that it depends on the situation. There may be cut-and-dried answers in Miss Manners when it comes to how to write a thank-you note or decline an invitation. But when it comes to talking about faith, there are no easy rules.

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